*Included in deposit 

*One-on-one only; artist and client!



*This includes trial run & $50 administrative fee


*Applies to all wedding bookings



*To "getting ready" location & back- calculated from my location in Brookhaven, Georgia + $35 Flat Fee

*20 miles & under: Flat fee of $35

*Over 2 hours away from base location: Add $50/hour over the 2 hour mark



*Fee attached if booking an assistant is required to complete makeup services on a specified timeline, or if makeup services exceed 11.



*Applies to call times before 7:00am

*Any single appointments scheduled before 9:00am



*This is an upcharge; strip lashes are already included

*Individuals are a one-time use, like strip lashes

*If considering, I need to know prior to the wedding day, as more time will be needed for application



*More minimal makeup



*This ranges depending on how "natural" or "dramatic" the makeup look is


$200-350 and up

*1-on-1, Learning how to do your own makeup: $200 for 1.5 hours at client's location, plus travel fee

*Aspiring makeup artist with 'model': $350 for 2 hours 



*Please read through everything thoroughly. I have made this very detailed to avoid any confusion + so that there are no surprises!


I am so excited that you are interested in using me for your wedding day makeup! Please take note of all of the following, as it is all important!​


My makeup application includes strip lashes. I provide a variety of different sizes of lashes, ranging from very natural to a longer/more dramatic lash! Faux mink lashes are provided for the bride only. If anyone in the bridal party wants specialty lashes, they will need to provide them. There is no price deduction for not using strip lashes.


My makeup application also includes a light layer of airbrush foundation as a finish atop a full coverage cream and/or liquid foundation. This is an extra protective layer for longevity of the makeup! There is no price deduction for not using airbrush.


If the wedding date falls on a Saturday, I have a minimum of 7 full makeup services, or 7 services paid for (junior bridesmaids/flower girls do not count as a "full" makeup service as it is minimal makeup). This minimum is subject to change during high demand wedding dates. If the wedding falls on a Friday or Sunday, I have a minimum of 5 full makeup services, or 5 services paid for. Again, this minimum is subject to change during high volume dates. If your wedding day falls on any other day of the week, please inquire about service minimums!


There is a $200 deposit that is required for all wedding bookings. This includes a trial run, as well as a $50 administrative fee. This administrative fee does not go towards the final total. The deposit is non-refundable, but again, it does cover your bridal trial run! **Trial runs are highly encouraged!** This is why a trial run is included in the deposit. In the instance that you do not wish to do a trial run or are unable to, the $150 trial price will not deduct from day-of wedding services, but it may be used towards gratuity on the wedding day.


Trial runs and single sessions are done at my location in Brookhaven, Georgia. Trial runs are one-on-one only: artist and client. This is a time for us to get to know each other, as well as work on a look catered to you and your preferences! If you need me to come to you, a travel fee and an additional fee will be attached and can only be scheduled if it does not interfere with booking other client appointments for the day. This applies to any makeup applications that require travel and do not meet my service minimum.


Please have your face prepped and ready for an application. Your face should be clean: washed and any remaining makeup removed. If you typically use a moisturizer, you may apply it beforehand! I carry moisturizer with me, but every skin type is different! It is sometimes best to use one that is specific to your skin type, especially if you have a good regimen going. Serums may also be used if you typically implement them into your skincare routine, but please apply them and your moisturizer lightly! If too much product is used, it can prevent the product and therefore the makeup from being able to settle into the skin.

There are a couple of things that are not included in my makeup applications: grooming and body coverage for breakouts. The one exception for this is if there are any exposed breakouts on a 𝘣𝘳𝘪𝘥𝘢𝘭 client in the neck/chest area; these will be covered with no additional fee! Any other areas are subject to an additional charge. Tweezing of eyebrows is also not included in my makeup application, so please be sure that any strays have been removed beforehand! If anyone in the bridal party needs coverage anywhere other than their face, they can only be done at the end of the timeline (if there is time left over for this!) and there will be an additional charge. The reasoning for these things are mainly based on time! When setting a timeline, body touchups and eyebrow shaping are not allotted for, and many times, there is not time leftover after everyone’s touchups for it, so please be fully prepared!

Like many artists, my rates are subject to change over time! If you had previously inquired about pricing, and it has since changed (and you have not yet booked with me), the new prices will reflect. Original prices quoted are only locked in for my clients who have moved forward with their booking.

Gratuity is not included in my pricing. It is not required, but definitely appreciated if you are satisfied with my services provided to you and your party!

Please contact me for any further information! I look forward to hearing from you! 


Lauren :)