Day-of Wedding: Bride, $115; Bridal Party Members, $85

When it comes to your wedding day, not only do you as the bride wish to look your absolute best, but the desire to have the entire bridal party look amazing and flow together for your forever photos is a top priority. Above pricing includes strip lashes as well as airbrush foundation, along with a flawless full-face makeup application. Touch-ups are included at the very end of the timeline. Individual lashes are available at an up-charge, ranging from $15-30. The implemented travel fee is $0.54/mile, to "getting ready" location and back. If the wedding date falls on a Saturday, I require a minimum of 7 services; if it falls on a Friday or Sunday, the minimum is 5 services. *These service minimums are subject to change slightly during busy season.* Eyes-only and face-only options are available at $40/each, but only count as 1/2 service. 

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